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The Regional Planning Commission recognizes the great benefit to keeping toxic chemicals out of our water supplies by providing management options for unwanted chemicals like cleaning products, paint and paint related products, automotive fluids, and much more.

The Regional Planning Commission has been providing household hazardous waste collections for many years and for the last few years, in partnership with the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Pharmacy, had included the collection and proper disposal of unwanted medicines.  2015 was the last year we collected medicines at our HHW collection as there are many other options every day at police stations around the region.  Visit for a list of locations and other information about keeping your family safe.

If you live in the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region and would be interested in helping at educational events or helping at the collections, please contact Victoria Davis at the Commission at 603-448-1680 or

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Latest News

UVLSRPC Received USDA Grant to Improve HHW Collection, Education, and School Trainings

We received $180,000 from the USDA for seven projects in 2016-2017.  One of those projects is to continue working toward a regional HHW collection that is more readily available to our residents than our four one-day collections.  We will also be working on a media campaign to teach people not to buy toxic products in the first place as there are often non-toxic alternatives.  We will be, once again, providing training for chemistry and art teachers to reduce toxic materials in the classroom as well as a green cleaning conference for schools.  Contact Victoria Davis at 448-1680 for more information.

UVLSRPC Receives US EPA Grant to Provide Chemical Evaluation Site Visits to Region's Schools

We received $25,000 to perform site visits at region schools to evaluate chemistry use, storage, and disposal in chemistry labs, art studios, and maintenance closets.  This is a voluntary program for 2016 to benefit 10 schools.  Partners in this project include the NH Department of Environmental Services, the NH Department of Education, and Waddell Environmental, LLC.  Contact Victoria Davis for more information at 603-448-1680.  Click here for the Safe Schools Project Pages.

New Nontoxic Cleaning Video

Our intern, Jenevra Wetmore, has been teaching workshops on household green cleaning this summer.  Learn the dangers of store-bought cleaners and how to avoid them by making your own DIY cleaners.  For a video version of the workshop, see below.

People try the Nontoxic Cleaners and LIKE them!

After taking a workshop with Jenevra, people provided testimonials from trying the nontoxic cleaners at home.  Check them out  here.

2016 Household Hazardous Waste Collections:

Our collection schedule is now available.  Click here to go to the HHW collection page.  Last year was the last year we  collected unwanted medicines as there are now so many police drop-boxes that are available anytime the police departments are open. Visit for a drop box locator.  

New Safe Meds Program:  Visit the Twin State Safe Meds web site to learn about proper storage and disposal of unwanted meds as well as police drop box sites for everyday disposal.  Many police stations in our area either have or are working on having a drop box for your unwanted medicines.

New Brochures:
Check out our new brochures:  "Nontoxic Housecleaning: Using 3 Ingredients" and "Down the Drain."

Police Drop Box Guide for New Hampshire:
"A Police Department's Guide to Becoming a Permanent Prescription Drug Drop Box Site" has just been published by the North Country Health Consortium.  You can download the model guide in Word here or as a pdf here.  The guide is compliant with NH RSA 318-E:1 and Chapter Jus 1603.  

Non-Toxic Cleaning Videos!